Our quality

We establish a company culture, that enables us to produce quality, flexibility and adherence to deadlines in all sectors. We put our know-how at the service of our customers, to support their success and growth. Thanks to our experience in the industrial PCB production area, we can optimally meet the requirements of B2B clients. In recent years, the special repair knowledge for DC/AC high performance circuit boards could be expanded.

Test methods and new test stations guarantee to deliver faultless products. Our services are designed according to needs and practice, they are performed in a partnership based dialogue with our clients. We see the availability of information and competent communication as the key success factor of our company.

This philosophy has enabled us to successfully build up the B2C division since 2014. Employee experience and technical prerequisites are thus available to end customers at an industrial level. We were able to rebuild the necessary infrastructure at the location.

With the introduction of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the increasing demands of our clients are guaranteed and fulfilled sustainable.

Through the open presentation of the processes and procedures in our company, all employees participate in a continuous development and improvement.

Our quality management manual is structured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. All processes of our company and their interactions are presented in the following process overview. Further relations are inserted in process pictures in the following text pages.

Leadership processes – responsibility of the management

Quality policy, target setting and planning

The quality policy is reviewed annually and revised if necessary. Each year, measurable targets for all divisions are derived and determined with measures, deadlines and responsibilities. The quality planning repair service B2B / B2C, Field Service B2B / B2C, service pv systems and reports B2C is based on the determination in this manual.

System-related determinations or changes may only be made in consultation between QMB and GL and must be consistent with the quality policy and overriding goals. The means „target tracking plan“ allows the definition of goals / projects with measures, deadlines and editor for a consistent pursuance of the goals. The order-related quality planning is based on customer requirements, determinations in the contract and technical requirements. For continuous improvement the management system is regularly audited by internal and external audits and improved according to the PCDA-cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act).

Quality policy

The GH-Holzhauser Electronic GmbH, with its focus on the installation of PV-systems, the repair service of high-performance electronics in the sector B2B / B2C, preparation of reports in the sector B2C, as well as the field service in the B2B / B2C sector wants to be the best partner for its clients. An efficient quality management system is a prerequisite for our company, to fulfill the quality requirements on deliveries and services unerring and economical.

Our company principles are:

  • Customer satisfaction is our top business goal.
  • Our quality standards must be so high, that every customer can be satisfied
  • Only faultless processed products may be handed over to the customer or client!
  • Through our work and commitment, we want to meet the expectations of our clients beyond normal range.
  • We are open to new techniques.
  • Kindness, courtesy and appreciation towards each of our customers is of utmost importance.
  • Our behavior is reliable, predictable and correct.
  • We rely on a strong team in our company, which works in a team-oriented manner and harmonizes well with each other.

Qualified, performance-conscious employees are the basis of the company success. All employees are obligated to bring their tasks and work results in line with the specifications of this management system. The GL and all employees are obligated to take all measures to implement and maintain the quality policy as well as to ensure the achievement of the quality objectives and to verify this.

From our external partners we expect:

  • Excellent product knowledge under constant adaption of new technologies
  • Reliability in terms of meeting deadlines and flexibility
  • Compliance with all legal provisions

Short-term goals and measures

Within the framework of quality planning, key figures are calculated that are meaningful for the achievement of company- and quality goals and also serve for evaluation purposes.
The „target tracking plan“ form establishes operational goals that can be measured by a quantifiable key figure. 

In order to achieve the goals, the corresponding measures and activities are also listed here, as well as those responsible for them with a deadline for timely completion (see also: action plan). In addition to these short-term goals, the company has also set itself long-term goals. These goals are listed in the business plan.