Our buisness history

Expansion 2003

Due to the increasing demand for renewable energy systems and the increasing awareness, it was necessary to increase the installation capacity. The product portfolio was expanded to include the brand manufactures Sanyo and SMA.

Change of name to GH-Holzhauser Electronic GMBH&CO.KG - 2009

Due to the increasing demand of the market and the increasing plant sizes, the company was further oriented for the future. Other manufactures such as Suntech, LG-Electronic, Schletter Montagesysteme and external partners with whom the company cooperates to this day have been integrated.

Reference Business building in Obermotzing- ISO9001 - 2013

Move into the new building of GH-Electronic. Start of the preparation of ISO 9001:2008
Preparations to further increase and sustainably improve quality in all business areas
to maintain and improve on a high level.

Capacity increase in repair and service automotive - 2013  

In order to meet the needs oft the customers and automotive integration required additional staff and an increase of up to 100%.

Move into the office and training building - 2016

In order to integrate our accounting and training rooms to our location, the financing has been extended and the third building was moved into mid 2016.

Construction phase of second company location in Perkam  - 2019

In order to meet the growing demand for KACO new energy inverter repairs, a building with a logistics hall was planned and erected at the new location in Perkam

In order to be largely energy-independent and environmentally friendly, photovoltaic systems, heat pump technology and LED lamps were planned for the entire site.

The construction of the building was carried out in wooden stand construction and triple glazing.